Central Palma is located right in the centre of Palma city, specifically at Plaza Josep Maria Quadrado nº2, within walking distance of Palma´s cathedral (10 min) and Plaça Major square (5 min)


There are a few ways to get here from the Airport:

foto del centro de la ciudad

Bus (19 min.)
Get on the number 1 bus (Port) After 5 stops get off at 452-Gabriel Alomar Walk 6 min aprox to Plaza Josep Maria Quadrado, 2.

Tariff: 5€

foto del centro de la ciudad

Taxi (14 min.)
It is usually a quick ride outside of the peak

The price is usually around 15-20€

foto del centro de la ciudad

Car (17 min.)
If you have rented a car please click here to follow the directions

A few spots of the city within walking distance of the hostel:

foto del centro de la ciudad

Parc de la mar (10 min.)

Palma’s Cathedral (10 min.)

Plaça Major square (5 min.)

Plaça Espanya square (12 min.)

Santa Catalina area (20 min.)

Portixol area (30 min.)